Thursday, August 2, 2012

TOOL #11 Finally finished with 11 Tools and it wasn't as daunting as I had feared! I learned so much! I loved Google docs and plan to use it both in collaborating with my team and to increase collaboration with student small groups. I love the idea of students working together to research and compile results using Google docs. Also liked learning about the many interactive websites available. Technology and blogs give us such a great platform to learn new ideas and to observe other teachers. Loved learning how to insert video clips. Overall, the 11 Tools pushed me out of my comfort zone.I am not tech savvy, so have learned so many new tools and ideas to implement in my class. I love that our students are SO comfortable with technology and not afraid of it at all! I knew that I didn't know a lot about applications of technology, and really learned how much I didn't know!! I look forward to utilizing these tools in my class with my students. I need to practice more, but have learned that I can't mess things up too badly! I like that I can refer back to a specific tool if I need a refresher, which I'm sure I'll do!!
Tool #10 The 3 areas of good citizenship that I would address are online bullying,internet safety and digital footprints. I would teach/reinforce to my class that being a good digital citizen follows many of the same guidelines as being a good citizen,setting guidelines and expectations. There should be no inappropriate comments or threats addressed to fellow students through a computer,same as in person. Internet safety is huge, especially in the area of sharing personal information. Many people, even adults, post information that clearly enables others to know their whereabouts, vacation plans, etc. I would stress being aware of these postings and the information they offer,especially issues of being home alone, etc. I will be teaching 3rd grade and this issue becomes more important as students are older, but the importance of digital footprints can't be understated. Stressing to students that you develop an online identity that can follow you for a long time, through many areas...high school,college and into the workplace is so important. I would also emphasize responsibility for the decisions that you make in choosing websites, and making sure that choices are appropriate. I would model these choices for my students. and have as ongoing communication in our classroom. I like the Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship Presentation on Wes Fryer's blog. It presents a great overview of areas of digital citizenship for students. For parents of students in my class, I would explain that the safety and security of their children is the highest priority. I would provide an overview of the controls that SBISD has in place(iSAFE) and include information that I'd taught the students regarding digital citizenship.
TOOL #9 It is important to always tie technology to the objective because regardless of the tools used in teaching and learning, students must know the desired outcome. It's imperative that devices and objective are aligned so that the technology works along with the objective and doesn't overshadow it. Students should be allowed various devices to learn and show their understanding of a topic. In the end, they must be held accountable for their learning and mastery of the objective, or there is a danger of novelty of the technology and not real understanding of content. I liked TUTPUP as an interactive site for review and practice of all types of Math facts. Students can select levels according to ability and challenge themselves.As a station, students can list levels and facts that were worked on and would be good as a station with partners. Brainpop is another great interactive website. Students can watch Brainpop independently and be accountable for summarizing information or through the quizzes provided at the end of the video. I like that there are so many content areas where Brainpop can be used! Apps that I looked at and liked were Mad Math Lite, another great app for reviewing and practicing Math facts. Starfall would be great for English Language Learners needing help with letter recognition. Makes skills necessary to become stronger readers and makes them fun!! In both cases, used as a station, students would have a checklist to complete and sign upon completion of the activity. Ina addition, an assignment aligned to the objective could be included.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

TOOL #8 I am really excited about the many ways to use technology and the devices that I'll have in my 3rd grade classroom. I am not very savvy about technology, so the 11 Tools has been a great way to be exposed to web technology and to come up to speed. There are many teachers on my campus who use technology so well in their classes and they will be great resources. Through the videos, and additional ipad training, I learned how to download apps and that they can be synced to additional devices. I set up an itunes account to use with my class ipads. I believe that it is important, critical to teach guidelines and procedures for using the technology tools in the classroom. Clear expectations and procedures must be taught to students and implemented in order to maximize usage of these devices as a teaching tool.
TOOL #7 Objective: In conjunction with, we will partner with another 3rd grade classroom to work on fitness and healthy lifestyle. Each students will use a pedometer and booklet to record steps for 50 day,and compare results. Implemented: September-November Tools Used: Skype in classroom and Goggle Docs to record data. Brief Description: Our 3rd grade class will partner with another local class or hopefully, a class in another state. Each student will record their pedometer data and results shared on a global website, in addition to Skyping weekly to discuss results with our partner class. Goals will be set and data will be analyzed and shared with partner class. Charts and graphs of data will be produced and shared.

Friday, July 20, 2012

TOOL #6 I created accounts on Skype and Diigo. I used Diigo ( to bookmark 2 sites: NPR and a Microbiology website, I really like that various tags can be put onto the websites. I can see this type of site being useful when students are working on group projects and will be helpful in organization and data retrieval. Helps in collaboration. Definitely to have websites divided by topics, as I frequently look down my long list of favorites to find what I need, so this has a personal application as well as educational! Skype ( is a great tool that my family and I have used to stay in touch with family members who live out of town and even overseas. In my classroom, I can see Skype utilized to link with other classrooms, within and outside of Spring Branch.Could be used as video "pen-pals". Also provides great options for video conferencing.Would be fun to have a favorite author skype with students in question and answer session! It would be great to link with another 3rd grade class and follow activities throughout the school year.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

TOOL #5 I used Bookr to make a picture book.Very quick and easy. This would be a great tool for students to create books on a favorite topic.Large selection of pictures through Flickr made it nice to work with.Could be used on so many topics!

I really liked using Word Cloud Generators, esp. WordItOut! It would be a fun, creative way to review/use spelling words...great for a center or working with a partner to practice words!
Tool #4

I enjoyed using this tool to learn about Google Apps! I created a multiple choice form that could be used to schedule a meeting to review STARR test results. Check boxes were used to select time and place for meeting. I e-mailed the form to 2 of my team members for their response. I also added 3 blogs to my Goggle Reader list. In looking at blogs both in SBISD and on the Web, I realize how much information is's great! Nice to follow updates from one site.

Using Goggle Docs will make collaborating with our team so much easier. Definitely a time saver to have all information in one place, for both students and teachers! Working with students to look for blogs aligned with curriculum would be great and helpful managing blogs with Goggle Reader.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tool#3: A video site that provided great material is There is a combination of material for educators and fun material for students, including educational games. Teacher Tube is also good for videos on content as well as classroom management.

This would be a fun lesson on fractions!

Great idea for review/reinforcing spelling words!

The copyright film was informative and clever! Love the Disney characters!  I did not know that dance could be copyrighted and that copyright was initially limited to 14 years.Definitely makes you realize how careful you must be about copyright infringement.

Dropbox is easy to access and would be great for sharing materials bewteen teachers. I dropped some icons for getting teacher's attention and classroom behaviors. Nice to have all info in one spot.
Tool#2 It was fun and interesting to visit teachers' blogs. Lots of information that I've bookmarked that could be used in my 3rd grade class. Here are some of the websites:
Tool #1. I'm in the blogging world! Frustrated initially because I was using Internet Explorer...much easier with Goggle Chrome! Looking forward to learning more about blogging and setting up a classroom blog as well!