Friday, July 20, 2012

TOOL #6 I created accounts on Skype and Diigo. I used Diigo ( to bookmark 2 sites: NPR and a Microbiology website, I really like that various tags can be put onto the websites. I can see this type of site being useful when students are working on group projects and will be helpful in organization and data retrieval. Helps in collaboration. Definitely to have websites divided by topics, as I frequently look down my long list of favorites to find what I need, so this has a personal application as well as educational! Skype ( is a great tool that my family and I have used to stay in touch with family members who live out of town and even overseas. In my classroom, I can see Skype utilized to link with other classrooms, within and outside of Spring Branch.Could be used as video "pen-pals". Also provides great options for video conferencing.Would be fun to have a favorite author skype with students in question and answer session! It would be great to link with another 3rd grade class and follow activities throughout the school year.

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