Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tool #10 The 3 areas of good citizenship that I would address are online bullying,internet safety and digital footprints. I would teach/reinforce to my class that being a good digital citizen follows many of the same guidelines as being a good citizen,setting guidelines and expectations. There should be no inappropriate comments or threats addressed to fellow students through a computer,same as in person. Internet safety is huge, especially in the area of sharing personal information. Many people, even adults, post information that clearly enables others to know their whereabouts, vacation plans, etc. I would stress being aware of these postings and the information they offer,especially issues of being home alone, etc. I will be teaching 3rd grade and this issue becomes more important as students are older, but the importance of digital footprints can't be understated. Stressing to students that you develop an online identity that can follow you for a long time, through many areas...high school,college and into the workplace is so important. I would also emphasize responsibility for the decisions that you make in choosing websites, and making sure that choices are appropriate. I would model these choices for my students. and have as ongoing communication in our classroom. I like the Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship Presentation on Wes Fryer's blog. It presents a great overview of areas of digital citizenship for students. For parents of students in my class, I would explain that the safety and security of their children is the highest priority. I would provide an overview of the controls that SBISD has in place(iSAFE) and include information that I'd taught the students regarding digital citizenship.

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