Thursday, August 2, 2012

TOOL #11 Finally finished with 11 Tools and it wasn't as daunting as I had feared! I learned so much! I loved Google docs and plan to use it both in collaborating with my team and to increase collaboration with student small groups. I love the idea of students working together to research and compile results using Google docs. Also liked learning about the many interactive websites available. Technology and blogs give us such a great platform to learn new ideas and to observe other teachers. Loved learning how to insert video clips. Overall, the 11 Tools pushed me out of my comfort zone.I am not tech savvy, so have learned so many new tools and ideas to implement in my class. I love that our students are SO comfortable with technology and not afraid of it at all! I knew that I didn't know a lot about applications of technology, and really learned how much I didn't know!! I look forward to utilizing these tools in my class with my students. I need to practice more, but have learned that I can't mess things up too badly! I like that I can refer back to a specific tool if I need a refresher, which I'm sure I'll do!!

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