Thursday, August 2, 2012

TOOL #9 It is important to always tie technology to the objective because regardless of the tools used in teaching and learning, students must know the desired outcome. It's imperative that devices and objective are aligned so that the technology works along with the objective and doesn't overshadow it. Students should be allowed various devices to learn and show their understanding of a topic. In the end, they must be held accountable for their learning and mastery of the objective, or there is a danger of novelty of the technology and not real understanding of content. I liked TUTPUP as an interactive site for review and practice of all types of Math facts. Students can select levels according to ability and challenge themselves.As a station, students can list levels and facts that were worked on and would be good as a station with partners. Brainpop is another great interactive website. Students can watch Brainpop independently and be accountable for summarizing information or through the quizzes provided at the end of the video. I like that there are so many content areas where Brainpop can be used! Apps that I looked at and liked were Mad Math Lite, another great app for reviewing and practicing Math facts. Starfall would be great for English Language Learners needing help with letter recognition. Makes skills necessary to become stronger readers and makes them fun!! In both cases, used as a station, students would have a checklist to complete and sign upon completion of the activity. Ina addition, an assignment aligned to the objective could be included.

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